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An Artistic Approach

In House Digitizing has enjoyed many rewarding years of creating artistry for clients, whether it’s a simple corporate logo, detailed animal, small lettering, or anything in between. We love working with our clients to create a special and unique design that gives them years of enjoyment. The greatest compliment from clients has been the many referrals to their colleagues that have generated much of the work we have done. We are also grateful to the many Ad Specialty companies and Embroiderers who continue to trust us with their clients’ designs, meeting their high standards of quality.
  • File ordered – customer uploads art file with instructions

  • Art file digitized – an embroidery digitizing artist will plot the points that best suit the design

  • Quality control #1 – the customer’s art file, once digitized is run on an embroidery machine by our quality control team, any edits needed are noted and the design is sent back for editing

  • Quality control #2 – after the initial edit of the design, it is produced a second time under the surveillance of a second quality control person who will approve the design

  • File upload – once the file is approved, the file is uploaded to the customer locker and the customer receives an email containing the native file, the stitch file, a picture of the sew out in proper colors, and the embroidery machine color run sheet.

Meet Our Creative Team

We have assembled a team of the finest artists and digitizers to provide quality second to none.

Timothy aka ShadesDigitizing Director
Timothy oversees In House’s digitizing department where he is in charge of the overall direction of the operation.
Prior to joining the In House team in 2010, Timothy held various positions with apparel companies – his most recent position was Innovation Master at a well-known Florida theme park.
Timothy is recognized by our staff as one of In House’s most creative and entrepreneurial spirits within the company, having a hand in the development of the digitizing website and all its attributes. With over 20 years of experience in garment decoration, his career has spanned a broad spectrum of design that includes major brands, theme parks, and B2B.
James - don't call me JimmySenior Lead Digitizer
As the “old-man” on our art team, James knows his way around a digitizing tablet, regardless of the software required to create the embroidered design. James oversees the digitizers that are focused on special projects – special projects can be a lengthy, singular campaign, or a campaign for a specific group like major theme parks or known brands or, for many of our Ad Specialty teams.
James has had the opportunity to build and shape some great digitizers – sometimes taking them from the production floor and teaching them the software, as some of our best digitizers were machine operators for years.
Prior to joining the In House art staff, James managed an embroidery business in the Northwest where he was able to hone his skill working with art, employees and customers.
SeraSenior Lead Digitizer
Since joining In House, Sera has grown to be our most creative digitizer, and our customers are the better for it. When someone says that it cannot be done, Sera finds a way to drive the embroidery machines a bit farther.
We do a lot of work for brands that push the envelope and Sera is the lead in making the impossible, possible.
She helps brands connect to consumers through her embroidery art. The next time you look at an embroidered garment and wonder how that was done, it was probably figured out by Sera.
Harper aka Harper Valley PITAQuality Control Manager
Harper and her staff oversees In House’s quality department while steering her staff to catch mistakes before they become a customer issue. Each design that is digitized is embroidered and watched by our quality control personnel – if there is an issue, Harper will review the design, make the necessary suggestions and works closely with the digitizing team to correct the issue.
Harper’s attention to detail allows our customer to worry less about false thread breaks, unnecessary trims and color changes and concentrate on flawless production.
Before Harper joined us in 2015, she ran embroidery production for an ad specialty supplier in Arizona. She is well-versed in how designs are supposed to look.

Sample Designs

The best measure of our work is to give us the opportunity to digitize a design for you.  We are only as good as the work we do for you.

Feedback From Our Customers

We love hearing from our customers and sharing their comments.

“I have never had such smooth running designs in my 10 years in business.  In House Digitizing has raised the bar to new standards.”

August V., Green Mountain Embroidery

“Finally, a digitizing company that still believes in providing sewouts.  I use the sewouts to send proofs to my customers.  What a time saver. AND, when I need to speak to someone, a real live AMERICAN person answers to help me.”

Kevin Carmichael, The Embroidery Zone

“So, I used to use a Chinese firm, but I was acting as their sample room. Every design needed 3-4 edits, even after it came back, more edits were needed. I met Sera at a trade show, she introduced me to her employer, In House Digitizing and I’ve been with them ever since. Each design runs the same as the last.”

Chris Gallagher, Same Day Embroidery

JOIN THE CLUB.  Contact Us for detailed information.  

The In House Club is a $39 per year program that allows you to purchase previously digitized files for a fraction of the cost.

We also make available 10 free seasonal designs each quarter – that’s 40 free designs per year for only $39.

What are people saying about the In House Club?

–  Thank you! These holiday designs are just what we need to freshen up our store. I can’t wait until you release some more. ~ Avery H. – Canfield, OH

–  I appreciate the great Starbucks logo. I service 4 of their stores in my area now. I doubt I would have had it digitized on spec, but, having it in your club section allowed me to get it cheap and walk in the store with embroidered samples. ~ Clint D. – Temecula, CA

–  It’s great to have access to all the corporate logos. I bought 4 of them just to embroider on my in-store samples to make the samples look more professional.  The 4-H logo really stands out on the sample jackets.  ~ Gus H. – Enid, OK

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